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Revision København is able to provide top-shelf advice to clients with international connections.


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Revision København (Audit Copenhagen) is a motivated and professional accounting firm with more than 20 dedicated employees. We possess the skills to carry out almost all tasks, ranging from bookkeeping, audit, annual reports and tax advisory. All of which carried out with high standards and top quality Work.



Revision København:

  • Professional and personal advice
  • Young and dynamic team
  • An personal accountant betrothed with your company/task
  • A skilled accountant

Extended review

If your company is in Accounting Class B, you have the opportunity to choose from a new declaration standard - extended review. Extended review differs from the Statement of Assurance in that, as a starting point, the auditor does not:

• Checks the physical inventory count made by the company.

• Checks accounting figures and information when testing for underlying documentation.

• Prepares an audit record for the management of the company.

Consequently, the same degree of assurance is not provided for the annual report's accounting information when the company's management chooses an extended review.

However, it is a new and perhaps good opportunity for companies that have this less need.

Annual report

The annual report is the information accounting for your business. The report provides and describes the financial position of the companies in the previous financial year and should provide stakeholders and unstable in business activities, financial position and financial result.

Competitive prices for review of financial statements, assistance and audit

As an accountant and audit firm, we place emphasis on the personal advice of our clients as well as competitive prices that all companies can participate in regardless of size.

Revision København offers auditing, review, assistance and extended review of your financial statements at favorable prices. We are a member of FSR - Danish Auditors, which is your guarantee that you will have an auditor with us where the expertise is top notch and where there are orderly conditions in every way.

The annual report typically contains a description of the recognition and measurement of the company's activities - in the financial statements the section "applied accounting policies".

In addition, management's statement, income statement and balance sheet. The law is divided according to a building block model in which companies are placed in accounting classes from class A to the largest in class D.

Class A

Under Class A you will find the very small companies. Balance sheet ≤ DKK 7 million, net sales ≤ DKK 14 million and number of employees ≤ 10.

Class B

Companies that meet the following size requirements: Balance sheet ≤ DKK 36 million, net sales ≤ DKK 72 million, number of employees ≤ 50.

Class C

In order to be in medium C, the following size requirements must be met: Balance sheet> DKK 36 million, net sales> DKK 72 million, number of employees> 50. In order to be in large C, the balance sheet must be met: DKK 143 million, net sales> DKK 286 million, number of employees> 250.

Class D

Class D companies include listed companies and state-owned limited Companies.

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International experience

Although we are based in Copenhagen, we have performed audit services for companies in Frederiksberg and the rest of Denmark.

We have plenty of experience in dealing with international clients who want continuous reporting - even without acting as auditors for the company, but instead provide the necessary accounting and continuous reconciliation and not least timely reporting.

We use a digital solution for signing our accounts, which makes this process quite simple and smooth.

Contact us on phone (+45) 70 260 630 if you want to know more about our audit.

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